FBI Evidence Board

View the image full screen   Text from (what i call) the “whos-who in 5/9” chart: ALLSAFE LLOYD CHONG DOB: 12/8/1984 66 River St Brooklyn, NY 07030 lloydrulz@outlook.com OLIVER PARKER...

DEFCON 22 Badge Challenge

potatohatsecurity: Still here?Alright, lets go! Keep reading

Ray’s Prescription Meds

Other numbers and a few barcodes which are not easy to read can be found on Ray’s pill bottles which also occurs in this same time sequence as the dialysis machine images described in a separate...

Ray’s Dialysis Machine

At roughly 12:33 into Kernel Panic, Ray sits alone eating breakfast while hooked up to an NxStage Dialysis System One (and if you were wondering, it’s specifically used to treat patients with EN...

Notes on 2.8 h1dden-pr0cess

Price’s Office Colby gives Price the last pre-press copy of his new memoir, The Last Honest Man. He can’t believe Trump is really running for president. “Politics is for puppets.R...

Timelines in the Multiverse

Making sense of the timeline of Mr. Robot one of the most necessary steps to understanding WTF is happening with Elliot and the gang. Non-linear storytelling can be hard to follow, even with reliable ...

Notes from Init5

teaser Elliot pleads guilty to two counts of hacking and one count of grand larceny (flipper = $1000). sentenced to 18 months in county prison. “Adios, you son of a bitch.” – Lenny S...

Before I forget

Darlene’s motivation for the hack? Connecting with her brother, being less of an orphan. Darlene’s loyalty lies with Elliot, but Elliot’s wants change (and are sometimes mr. Robot.) ...

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